ALICOCO Mineral Technologies has over 11 years combined experience in gravity mineral separation and testing, research and development, process design, manufacture and installation, training and commissioning.

Using this experience and the latest in design technology, ALICOCO is well qualified to offer practical and workable solutions on both small to large greenfield projects and troubleshooting of existing operations.


ALICOCO Mineral Technologies manufacture a full range of mineral processing Spiral separators, working in close association with other equipment manufacturers to provide tailored mineral process solutions.

ALICOCO systems are environmentally responsible, in that there are no chemicals used in the processing and tails remediation is a part of water re-harvesting.

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• Mine feasibility, costing analysis
• Appraisals, budgets and evaluations
• Custom designed test plants
• Lightweight test equipment
• Production plants
• Process equipment
• Equipment refurbishment
• Greenfield operations
• Prototype product design
• 2D or 3D parametric design

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ALICOCO Mineral Technologies systems are used in gold, tin, tantalite, chromite, Tongtage scheelite, Garnet and mineral sand mines.

ALICOCO has worked on projects in internationally including  Australia, Africa, China, India, Veitnam, Lao, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

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Type M+L

Equipments of other qualified manufacturers

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